How to get there?

Casa Fontegenga is located in the North of Le Marche, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino in Italy.


The address of the house is:
Via Montemarino 10B
61024 Mombaroccio, PU, Italy.


On Google map, you can find Casa Fontegenga

Be extra-careful, via Montemarino is split into two parts and most cars’ GPSs will send you in the wrong direction! If you want to use your car’s GPS, we recommend to insert Mombaroccio city centre and then follow the below instructions. Google map will in principle drive you the right directions.

Please also be aware that, as explained in the description of the house, the end of the road is bumpy and may not be suitable for sport cars.

Coming from Bologna, please exit at Pesaro and head to Mombaroccio. When you are reaching Mombaroccio:

Before arriving at the village itself, turn left to the “Beato Sante”:

Continue on the same road, going up, passing by the “Passo Beato Sante”

Continue and when arriving at the top, turn right in the direction of Fontecorniale (still going up)

After 100m, the road will start to go down, continue over 500m and turn right into a dead- end “white road”.

Continue on this road for about 700m

Until you reach this portal on the left:

This is a private road, Casa Fontegenga will be the second (and last) house, after 500m:

You arrived!

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